Celebrating Food Hygiene Success

As a Food Standards Agency (FSA) Campaign Partner I personally write to food businesses to congratulate them for their positive Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) scores.

Food businesses who achieve a score of 5 show utmost consideration and respect for the safety of their customers. They protect the reputation of their business and the job security of any staff they employ.

On average, two thirds of food businesses are rated the highest score of 5. Each of these businesses deserves recognition and I hope they proudly display their rating in the window and online.

I provide useful food safety information to smaller, independent businesses.  This includes sharing the FSA’s consultations, taking part in their Consumer and Food Business campaigns and writing articles.

Already got a 5?

There is more about how a rating can be used to promote a food business and stand out from lower scoring competitors in the FSA’s FHRS Business Toolkit.

Working towards a 5?

Our previous blog Reasons to Strive for a 5 shows how aiming for the highest FHRS score of 5 helps a food business to compete and not just comply.

To further support businesses I source online training courses in the following topics:

For help and support with training for food hygiene and safety, please call me on 0333 358 3084, contact me via this website email me on info@inductionjunction.co.uk or connect with me on Twitter, Linked In or Facebook.