Using an E-learning Broker can help your Purchase Power

At Induction Junction, we impartially and independently connect businesses with e-learning content, systems, providers, designers and developers.  We specialise in sourcing and supplying digital course material for small to medium sized businesses. Here’s why working with a Broker, such as Induction Junction, helps pack a PUNCH when it comes to small businesses buying e-learning courses…


Whether you are looking to buy just a couple or several courses then it’s likely you’ll need to purchase through an e-commerce website. that means using a credit card to pay upfront before the login credentials are released.  So the relevant cardholder may need to be present or you’ll have to wait until payment is confirmed.

Instead, a Broker may offer you invoice credit terms so you can place the order and receive your logins without having to authorise the use of a debit or credit card. Payment terms are kinder to your cash-flow too.

Induction Junction always offer invoice terms, so no card payments are ever needed.

Use bulk discounts

A Broker will be regularly buying from its supplier network and will have already negotiated purchasing relationships with e-learning providers. Buying on behalf of multiple customers they will access discounts and offers that they can make available to the small business.  Even if, under the normal criteria,  your order size is not large enough to trigger a discount as a bulk buy.

With Induction Junction it is often less expensive to buy off-the-shelf courses through us than to go direct to the e-learning provider.

No minimum usage

If you only need a couple of Fire Warden courses or half a dozen Food Safety courses that’s fine. Or if months pass between your orders – that’s fine too.  A Broker’s business model isn’t all about volume, it’s much more personal. Only purchase the courses you need, when you need them.

With Induction Junction there is no need to order a minimum number of courses or make regular purchases.  You are less likely to waste licences that you have pre-paid for but not been able to use.

Contract free

It’s a great feeling not being tied in, especially when you want to shop around for great e-learning content.  A Broker works across the market and can package up courses that meet customer’s specifications – even if this means the courses are from different providers. Being contract free means you are not obliged to stick with only the courses available through that one provider nor feel like you are wasting money when pre-paid licences are left unused.

Induction Junction has customers who buy e-learning products through them from several different providers and receive one itemised invoice at the end of the month.

searching for e-learning

Help when you need it

Another way a Broker can help your business is by doing the legwork for you.  Simply give them a brief, answer a few questions and leave them to get on with it.  Depending on how specific your e-learning course requirements are they may even come back with a few options from you to choose from.  They’ll organise demos and deal with all the sales people.  All whilst you carry on with your other priorities.

Induction Junction know where to look for great e-learning content.  We work with dozens of providers and are happy to source topics on our customers’ behalf.  We can even help find a developer if you want to create some completely bespoke e-learning. 

Why not check out our resource of things to consider when writing an e-learning brief for a developer.

Or search just a small selection of our off the shelf courses or get in touch if you’d like our help.