What stole my heart at Learning Technologies 2019

What stole my heart at Learning Technologies

At Induction Junction, we connect businesses with e-learning content, systems, providers, designers and developers.  We attended Learning Technologies today, not the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day.  Yet, as Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work, it was unmissable for the Digital Learning Broker.  Learning Technologies proved a great opportunity to do some client research and see first hand what is new in digital learning. More importantly how it can solve challenges and be used to drive forward HR and L&D initiatives.

There were around 200 exhibitors.  Here is my round up of what stole my heart.

Editable elearning content

In Course Editor to add context

I’m often asked to source off-the-shelf e-learning content that can be customised so I was impressed by the in-course editor that Engage in Learning offer.  This simple twist means company branding, images, graphics, video, text, documents and presentations can all be added along with links to Sharepoint and website content. If the basic content exists for your project, they’d definitely be one I’d say ‘Yes’ to.

ublic speaking in meetings VR Product

Immersive experiences to replicate risk and exposure

Virtual reality is sometimes seen as a bit gimmicky. However, business relevant content is growing and is successfully being used to remove limiting beliefs, build confidence and develop empathy.  The Oculus Go headset was a comfortable and controllable way to see elearning Studios’ latest products. The realistic environment of  their Leadership and Customer Services products, give a truly exceptional set of circumstances to test the mettle of any relationship.

AI learning system

Machine Learning for relevance and meaning

Using artificial intelligence, How Now’s system, delivers point of need learning in the preferred style at the right time.  It drives a learning culture, changing the way learning and return on investment are measured. It helps break down departmental and project team silos. This remarkable software, coupled with a visionary organisational development strategy would certainly stand the test of time.

iAM Compliant story telling and animation development

Story telling plus animation is powerful

We also help our clients find developers who can create bespoke learning and engaging content too.  Story-telling works really well for induction when it is important to set the right context and scene for the new employee/employer relationship. Story-telling and animation connect with our emotions and iAM Learning Content declare themselves the new ‘wizards on the block’. I suspect learners will love returning to the content and characters they create.

With so many learning content and systems providers out there perhaps you would like our help in researching what options would suit your objectives?  See how we work, check out our testimonials and get in touch with us today to get your digital learning project moving.