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CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019

We really enjoy being part of the CIPD ACE.  This is our third year there with Induction Junction and I expect Manchester Central will have its usual buzz.

It is just a matter of packing the car now, well that and driving to Manchester, un-packing the car, handling all our gear up from the underground car park to the back of the hall and setting up the stand. Pheww!  Such a satisfying feeling though seeing everything set up and ready for Wednesday morning.

The first year we exhibited at CIPD ACE we travelled up by train.  Our hands were certainly full.  My heart was too as the exhibition was a week before my Dad’s funeral so my head wasn’t really in the right place.  That said we had an enjoyable couple of days and it was good to get away from all the intensity that sad time brings.

Induction Junction stand at CIPD ACE 2017
Induction Junction stand at CIPDACE17

That first year gave us a good opportunity to see what this exhibiting lark was all about.  We loved where our stand was and, although small and a bit bare, it was in a great position and our neighbours were lovely.  We realised the changes we could make for 2018, the position wasn’t one of them.

So, Chris at C3 Creative produced us a fabulous lightweight, fabric display stand which we complimented with one of our testimonials.  This now nicely covers the back wall and says clearly what we do so the conversations we now have are more relevant.  We added a few more exhibition pieces like a tablet holder, our own leaflet stand and some pick ‘n’ mix and we were ready to go.  We also opted to use the LiveBuzz smartscan phone app and found this much more reliable.

Induction Junction stand at CIPDACE18
Induction Junction stand at CIPDACE18

So in 2019 we are excited to be heading off today to immerse ourselves with our fellow professionals, CIPD Members and otherwise.  This year we have created a little explainer video so people can see some of what we are about so we are trialling that.  Plus we still have the pick n’n mix as that went down well last year.

We wish everyone a safe journey to and from Manchester and an awesome conference and exhibition.