Word Intermediate

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  • Quick Parts
  • Templates
  • Creating Text Styles
  • Assigning a Keyboard Shortcut to a Style
  • Moving Styles to use them in other Documents
  • Headers and Footers
  • Columns
  • Using Page Breaks to Create Sections
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Changing the Order of Shapes
  • Grouping Shapes
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Wrap Text (Pictures)
  • Using the Anchor with Text Wrapping in Pictures
  • Formatting Pictures
  • SmartArt- Organisation Chart
  • Smart Art- Flow Diagram
  • SmartArt Formatting
  • Tracking Changes in a Document
  • Working with Comments
  • Comparing Document Versions
  • Create Manual Mailing Labels
  • Printing Envelopes
  • Password Protecting a Word File