Preventing a Data Breach (Global)

£25.00 +VAT

Duration: approx 30 minutes

Preventing data breaches not only prevents prosecution, it makes sound business sense.

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Course Overview

Informative and motivating, this immersive eLearning course is set inside a virtual organisation, Antilion Tech Ltd. In the course, learners are challenged by their manager to uncover the cause of a data breach by meeting with various members of staff across several departments and ascertaining how information is processed and stored. The learner is then required to report back to management explaining how and where data breaches have occurred; the more points raised with management correctly, the higher the score at the end!

Who would benefit

All those working with data, who have a responsibility to ensure it is secure.

Certification and assessment

Knowledge will also be tested by a randomised series of questions after each module. On completion of the course, the system produces a personalised certificate.