Keeping Information Secure

£25.00 +VAT

Duration: 45 mins

This immersive, scenario based course will show employees how to identify information security risks and minimise them accordingly.

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Course content

  • How to identify and minimise information security risks
  • What to do to ensure that systems are protected
  • Ways in which to remain secure when out of the office or working externally
  • How to handle sensitive documents
  • To avoid introducing viruses, unsafe working practices
  • Causes of data breaches
  • Individual responsibilities and legal requirements
  • Accountability
  • How to assess physical security risks

Who would benefit

Suitable for employees at all levels, a good induction for Information Security and the practice of keeping information safe from unauthorised access – whether it’s stored electronically or physically – is critical when it comes to an organisations’ reputation and standing.

Certification and assessment

Subject to the satisfactory completion of the assessment accompanying this course, learners are given access to an electronic Solicitors Regulation Authority approved certificate (in PDF format), which they are able to print and display.