Identifying Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain

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Duration:  10 mins

Modern slavery can be a complex issue. Not only do companies risk great reputational damage through any involvement with modern slavery practices, but many organisations have no idea that modern slavery is even taking place in their supply chain to try to prevent it.

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Course content

  • Supplier location; these are areas of the world where Modern Slavery is prevalent
  • Labour practices; the tell-tale signs of where and how workers’ rights are being violated
  • Industry sector; which sectors are more prone to instances of Modern Slavery

Who would benefit

This course is designed to help organisations raise awareness about Modern Slavery, and inform employees what to look out for to spot Modern Slavery taking place in the supply chain. Employees will learn what the most vulnerable areas of the supply chain are and what ‘red flag’ practices to look out for to put an end to slavery. The course also instructs on how to gather information about your suppliers so you can judge whether they are a high, medium, or low risk before entering into any sort of agreement with them.

Certification and assessment

Subject to the satisfactory completion of the assessment accompanying this course, learners are given access to an electronic Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Approved certificate (in PDF format), which they are able to print and display.