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Learning lessons in lockdown

Like many I have had time to reflect on what the lockdown has taught me. As an experienced trainer I have often promoted the use of a reflective journal.  Although I haven’t kept a journal recently the process of looking back and learning lessons is still valuable.

On a personal note, I have found that I like my own company more than I would have expected and adjusted very easily. I consider myself to be very much a people person but Zoom has been a reasonable substitute. I’ve never considered myself a clock watcher and always like to keep busy which means my working hours are sometimes not 9-5.30. I now find myself in good company in lockdown as many others have had a big adjustment to change their work pattern to take into consideration home schooling, sharing of the home office and fitting in daily exercise.

But what have I seen out in the business world has been encouraging in many ways.

Upskilling can be done anytime, anywhere

The online courses we provide can be made available so employees can learn at a time to suit their other commitments and at home, in the garden….anywhere there is an internet connection!

Lockdown has made us all more tech aware

Whether we love or loathe tech, it has been thrust upon us during lockdown. But getting used to Zoom, DropBox, Teams and OneDrive has led to people being a little less resistant to using the right tech tools. This is great news for e-learning as sometimes people are a little wary of technology regardless as to how easy it is to use.

Employees have welcomed e-learning

Especially with those being furloughed who are glad to have something to break up the Joe Wicks and Jamie Oliver sessions! They should be paid at least the National Minimum Wage rate. Similarly, apprentices should receive at least the National or Apprenticeship Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage.

Staff development

Some have time on their hands to think about their current role and what they really want to do next. HR and L & D Managers can easily allocate online learning which can help with this. How great would it be for organisations to come out of this with existing employees who had already started on the building blocks of moving into management or more senior roles?