Returning to work – how to help your employees

The new landscape that many workers find themselves in is no longer a temporary situation and ‘muddling through’ at home or back into the workplace has to be managed and effective.

For those working from home using tools such as Teams and Zoom can be daunting, while those returning to the office or business unit there is the added stress of worrying about the measures that have been taken to keep them infection-free.

At Induction Junction we have an ideal solution for both these scenarios!

Using our platform, we can create a playlist made up of bespoke and off the shelf elements to help home and office workers through this difficult stage.

Elements can include:

Company-specific content

  • Sharing a risk assessment document to put returners’ minds at rest that the situation has been taken seriously and the right measures are in place
  • Uploading a revised seating plan and/or bubble schedule for the workplace
  • A video tour of the entrance and flow through the building. It doesn’t need to be an expensive high-end production – just someone filming on a smartphone and walking/talking through the routes is fine
  • Downloadable posters to remind people of the key rules in the workplace
  • An infographic of do’s and don’ts
  • A quiz to ensure the learner has understood the situation

General off the shelf content

  • Health & Safety online learning – including Display Screen Equipment, Manual Handling & GDPR Essentials
  • IT online learning – including OneDrive, Teams, Zoom and the MS Office 365 suite
  • Online/offline safety online learning – including Internet, Email & Social Media, E-Privacy and Malware & Phishing
  • Choose anything from the library of over 50 courses!

We will provide the guidance, set up the platform, load all the elements into the platform for you, provide a training webinar so that all you need to do is add your learners and roll it out.