Working From Home Toolkit

This collection is part of the library from IMPROVE. No need to worry about which course is right for you….purchase the whole library for a subscription fee AND we will set it up for you, get you started and will be on hand as part of a managed service…all starting from £45 + VAT per month for 20 employees! Prices are based on the size of your organisation with access for all of them to over 50 courses on a range of IT and non-IT topics.

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A suite of 5 courses ranging from 7- 64 minutes in duration covering a range of tools and skills needed when working from home.

Courses include:

  • SME toolkit
    • This course introduces you to how to work from home effectively and efficiently. It includes some key tools and tips to implement in your business to ensure that it remains productive while your employees work from home
  • OneDrive toolkit:
    • Why is it good for remote working
    • Online intro
    • Online delete/rename/move files
    • Online file versions
    • Online sharing files and folders
    • Online managing sharing
    • PCAPP sync
    • PCAPP sharing
  • Teams toolkit
    • Direct chat/basic chat
    • Delete a chat message
    • Notification persons online
    • Muting a chat
    • Using Giffys
    • Create a private team and invite people
    • Creating channels
    • Team posts vs chat
    • Team mentions
    • Team files
    • Teams activity tab
    • teams adding tabs
    • Schedule a meeting
    • Team meet now
    • Video voice screen share
  • Mental Health Awareness
    • During unprecedented recent times many of us have had to cope with work and home life pressures and stresses. This course focuses on simple to implement tips and information to help with your wellbeing.
  • Zoom toolkit
    • Joining a meeting
    • Signing in and intro
    • Scheduling a meeting
    • Default settings for a new meeting
    • Starting a new meeting
    • Audio options
    • Inviting participants
    • Screen sharing and remote control
    • Annotate a screen share and share a white board
    • Collaboratively annotate a screen
    • Audio settings
    • Video settings
    • Security settings
    • Reactions
    • Managing participants
    • Recording meetings
    • Manage meetings and recordings

Additional courses are in the pipeline and will be automatically added to your library for no additional cost.