Respect in the Workplace

£25.00 +VAT

Duration: Approx 40 mins

This Respect in the Workplace eLearning course examines types of discrimination that may affect the workplace. Looking at issues such as gender, race, age, and weight, the course highlights how important it is to foster an equal and diverse environment in order to be an effective team.

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Course content

  • Identify and respond to discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Understand the differences between equality and diversity, as well knowing why these factors are important in the workplace
  • Promote equality and diversity in order to value and support all employees through respect
  • Provide a higher level of service for customers by recognising and valuing differences
  • Plan and evaluate policies to improve business conduct around respect in the workplace

Who would benefit

Managers should be at the forefront of respecting and valuing differences in the workplace. Employee well-being and the overall growth and success of business relies on it.

Recognising and combating discrimination within the workplace through focusing on equality and diversity is a necessity for your organisation’s long-term success.

Certification and assessment

Knowledge will also be tested by a randomised series of questions after each module. On completion of the course, the system produces a personalised certificate.