Introduction to GDPR

£20.00 +VAT

This short, introductory course, covers the importance of protecting any personal data held and processed by your organisation. It explains individuals’ rights under GDPR, and pinpoints some of the most vulnerable areas learners should be aware of when protecting data.

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Course content

  • Categories of Personal Data (personal and sensitive)
  • What the individual’s rights are under GDPR
  • The importance of remaining aware about protecting data whilst using social media, cloud-based applications, USBs, mobile technology, and other digital devices.
  • The importance of protecting hard-copy data as well as electronic data
  • What the seven data protection principles are and what they mean
  • Real-life examples of GDPR breaches

Who would benefit

Suitable for employees at all levels, a good induction to those within organisations who come into contact with about how the GDPR gives more control to individuals over their personal data, and how it is handled and stored.

Certification and assessment

Subject to the satisfactory completion of the assessment accompanying this course, learners are given access to an electronic Solicitors Regulation Authority approved certificate (in PDF format), which they are able to print and display.