Introduction to Safeguarding Children & Adults

£25.00 +VAT

Duration: Approx. 1 hour

This Safeguarding course clearly shows learners how to identify signs of abuse in both adults and children and also what the appropriate steps would be for reporting suspected abuse.

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Course content

  • How to identify potential abuse
  • How to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse
  • How to report suspected or actual abuse
  • How to apply principles of safeguarding both adults and children
  • Different types of abuse
  • What can happen if safeguarding goes wrong

Who would benefit

It’s true that we all have a basic human right to live our lives free from harm, but how can we protect others around us who may be vulnerable to, or already suffering from, abuse or neglect? This introductory course to safeguarding adults and children is designed to help.

Certification and assessment

Subject to the satisfactory completion of the assessment accompanying this course, learners are given access to an electronic certificate (in PDF format), which they are able to print and display.