Excel Advanced

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  • Introduction to Formula Editing
  • Validation – Drop Down Lists
  • Validation – Numbers
  • Adding Subtotals Automatically
  • Introduction to Named Ranges
  • Using Names Managed and taking them further
  • Asking Questions and Using the Answer
  • Working with More than one Question
  • Countif, Sumif, Averageif
  • Dsum, Dmin, Dmax, Daverage, Dcount
  • Joining Separate Cell Content
  • Upper, Lower, Proper (Changing Text Case)
  • Trim-Remove Unwanted Spaces in Text
  • Vlookup-Relating information in Lists Together
  • Match with Vlookup – Bring columns from another list
  • Iferror – Hiding Formula Errors
  • Goal Seek
  • What is a Pivot Table?
  • Creating a Basic Pivot Table
  • Working with Filters in a Pivot Table
  • Working with more Advanced Maths in a Pivot Table
  • Slicers in Pivot Tables
  • Recording Macros